Pancakes on kefir with corn and rice flour

Pancake breakfast


200g. Kefir;
100g. Corn flour;
100g.Rice flour;
1/2 tsp. Soda;
1pc. Egg;
Salt a pinch;
Vegetable oil.

Kefir slightly warm, so it was slightly warm.
Combine kefir with egg, add sweetener and salt. Stir.
Sift rice and cornflour into the dough, add baking soda, mix quickly.
Leave the dough alone for 15-20 minutes, do not stir.
On a hot frying pan, greased with a brush with olive oil, spread on a tablespoon of dough and fry on both sides on a low heat.

Pancake — delicious and fluffy pancakes made with milk, yogurt or sour cream. Unlike classic pancakes, pancakes are fried almost without oil.
Today I have again delicious and lush pancakes-a real correct ” PP ” and healthy recipe. It would seem, well, what’s special and how do pancakes or pancakes can be PP?! Can, if wheat flour is replaced by useful, for example, a mixture of rice and corn. As a result, we get not only tasty but also healthy dish, which, although it contains a lot of calories, calories “right”.
Of course, eat any pancakes and pancakes in the evening is not necessary. Therefore, I suggest this recipe as an alternative to boring porridge for Breakfast

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