Salted salmon at home

Salted salmon at home


  • 1 kg. Salmon;
  • 2tbsp. Salt;
  • 1 tbsp. Sugar.

Method of preparation:

Thoroughly wash the fish inside and out, remove the insides (if any) and the Central bone with fins. Divide the salmon into two fillets. Or use the finished fish fillet.
Sugar combine with salt, sprinkle on both sides of the fish fillet with this mixture. Sprinkle the skinless side especially thoroughly.
Remove the fillet of fish in a container, close the lid and remove to a cool place for a day.
Then remove the salted salmon from the fridge and cut into pieces. Bon appetit!

No one will argue with me if I say that the most delicious salmon is obtained if you salt it at home. Yes, that salmon, on this prescription can be pickle any fish – pink salmon, trout, Ketu. And each option will be good in its own way.
Prepare at home salmon will not be difficult. Here everything is simple and clear – washed the fish, sprinkled it with spices and left to salt for a day, although you can eat it in a few hours.
And then it all depends on your desire and imagination. Slightly salted fish can be served as a fish snack, for example, with lemon or lime and leaves of spicy arugula, prepare sandwiches with salmon or prepare a roll of pita bread with fish, or use for making a salad. Choose any options and tasty meet the upcoming holidays

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